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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UPS?
UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). It is a system that’s designed to keep the power running at all time even when the main power grid goes down (a blackout, or loadshedding), or during power surges . Depending on the size of the battery in the UPS, this can sustain power for a few minutes to allow you the time to safely shutdown appliances to prevent damage as a result of a sudden shutdown, or it can sustain power for hours to allow you to continue enjoying the use of appliances (such as watching TV).

Realistically, what can this UPS run, and for how long?
This UPS can power your Wifi, Modem, and Laptop, Phone Chargers and 3 Lamps for 4h32m or alternatively one TV (only) for 12h30m.
In more scientific words, it can power 150Watt (Wifi & Modem 40W, Laptop 60W, Phone chargers 8W, 3x LED lamps/lights 30W) for 4h32m whilst keeping 35% of the “juice/energy” in the battery so you don’t discharge the battery too deeply (this prevents damage).

How long will the battery last?
It will last approximately 250 - 300 cycles / loadsheddings. 5 years design life (Normal Semi-Deep cycle Battery).

Backup power for your Media Centre (e.g. TV, and Wifi, and Laptops, and Lamps)
This is an easy-to-use (plug and play) UPS. It keeps your power on during power cuts such as Loadshedding.
All you need to do is plug this box into the wall, and then plug your appliances into this box.
While the inverter says it can power 1440 Watts for instance, you can realistically power 300 Watts with the semi battery if you want your appliances to have backup power for a long duration like a typical Loadshedding time (4h32m)
In layman’s terms it can power TV, Wifi, Modem, and Laptop for 4h32m.

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